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Get Upset!

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering and sorrows; familiar with pain and grief." - Isaiah 53:3

I hate the popular modern expression, “It’s all good.” It’s not all good. Abuse is not good; it’s evil. Child abuse is not good; it’s evil. Sexual child abuse is not good; it’s evil. I’m sure the expression itself, “It’s all good.” Is part of how the end times prophecy of evil looking good and good looking evil has come to be.

The truth about abuse and trauma is that is should produce grief and anger. Who isn’t saddened and angered by the very notion of an abused or neglected child? God wired us to be moved deeply to grief and justifiable anger over the very thought of it. That’s part of what He made in us to help combat it.

Grief, sadness and anger are part of the natural palette of emotions. What was inflicted against you and me should provoke those emotions. The Word tells us to, “Be angry, but don’t sin.”

“The truth about abuse and trauma is that it should produce deep sadness and anger. Who isn't saddened and maddened at the notion of a child being abused?”

Jesus Himself was a man of sorrows; acquainted with grief. He experienced deep sadness because the people He came to save rejected Him and abused Him. His nuclear family, extended family and home town totally rejected and abandoned Him.

With abuse, neglect, trauma and post-trauma, there will be loss. Many very precious things were lost. Relationships were lost. Opportunities were lost. Physical and emotional capability and capacity was lost. Normalcy was lost. Opportunities to make of life’s great choices was lost.

Acknowledge the losses as specifically as possible. Embrace the pain, cry the tears, and sob the sobs. The denial and looking the other way from our own grief is part of what locks it in place to rob us of joy and vitality.


Abba Father. Please give me Your Heart for the abused and traumatized. Help me to cry and grieve and get angry when that's appropriate. Please teach me the full range of emotions you designed for me and the wisdom to steward them for my health, the health of those around me, and the Glory of Your Name. Let it be in and for The Name of Jesus.

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